What’s the introductory talk and how do I prepare?

What’s the introductory talk and how do I prepare?

If you’re reading this, congrats! 🎉 You’re now one step closer to having a highly skilled Journeyman on your team. We’ve narrowed it down from the 13,000+ candidates in our database to the top candidate(s) based on the required skillsets, timeframe, trade, and location of your project. You can be sure our Operations Team found you a real gem. We interview and pre-assess all candidates based on both hard and soft skills that have been pre-agreed upon by Journeyman and you! 

How’s your German? Not great? Don’t worry.  

Our candidates have good working English. But remember, English isn’t always their first language so please give them time to settle into the conversation. The process is different here in Germany and this may even be their first time having a formal introductory meeting with an employer, so don’t be concerned if they have a few jitters!  

Qualifications and skillset 

Our Operations Team is responsible for finding you a candidate that meets all your hard and soft skill requirements. We take care of screening and vetting the candidate on our end, so you don’t have to. We ensure they meet all the must-have skills identified and are committed to the project duration and location.  

“So why am I doing all of this if you’ve already ensured that the skillset and commitment of the candidate is right?”  

The introductory talk will give you the opportunity to clear up any further questions and administrative matters with the candidate directly before we start prepping him or her for their stay with you.  

⚠️ And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, be sure to send over your WhatsApp #  or Skype ID so that our Operations Team can ensure a seamless connection process.  

Talking points to win a candidate over during the introductory talk: 
  • Tell the candidate about your company 👷 

  • Tell the candidate what a typical day for him/her will look like 📆 
  • Show the candidate around your workshop using your webcam (or send them pictures) and tell them more about your company culture 🤳 
  • Ask them why they are keen on joining your company 💭 
  • Make sure you cover administrative queries such as start dates, travel plans and duration in months ✈️ 

Congratulations! 🎉 Now you’re ready to ace the Introductory Talk. Good luck and have fun!