Framing carpenter / Framer

From Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Framing Carpenter / Framer

Framing carpenters can work independently on a basis of technical documents and work orders. They are involved in planning and coordination with all involved parties on the construction site. Framing carpenters precisely measure, cut and assemble the wood needed to build residential or commercial buildings and install components including floor, wall and roof systems. It can include stairs, interior and exterior finishes, roofing materials, doors and windows. In addition, framing carpenter may tile floors and roofs and lay wood floors. Framing carpenter work safely and tidily, have stamina and demonstrate a broad skillset in order to achieve an excellent finish.


Their vocational on-the-job training (Apprenticeship) takes place in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The three countries share a similar professional education and training system. All apprentices go through a 3- to 4-year practical training in a private company. These training sessions are accompanied by more than 800 hours course work in job-related subjects in professional schools. During these training years, framing carpenters all acquire the relevant theoretical and practical competencies to work independently on construction sites. Many will have additional knowledge in specific subjects acquired in further educations or many years of work experience.

All Framing Carpenter / Framer have the following skills:

  • Install construction sites while respecting safety and environmental rules
  • Document the working process and record activities
  • Operate and service both portable tools and stationary machines to handle cutting duties
  • Assemble and disassemble scaffolds
  • Precisely measure wooden structures, components and buildings
  • Craft and install wood frame constructions for roofs and ceilings
  • Construct and install doors, stairs, windows, roofing components and facade cladding
  • Install insulation material for heat-, sound, – and fire protection
  • Inspect and choose appropriate building materials needed for carpentry projects
  • Read, understand and interpret drawings and documentations
  • Examine and prepare subfloors
  • Create dry walling components

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