Cabinetmakers / Finish Carpenters / Joiners

From Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Cabinetmakers / Finish Carpenters / Joiners

Our carpenters produce, maintain and restore various wood-based products (e.g. furniture, interior and trade fair fittings, structural elements like windows, doors, stairs, floors, stairways, doorframes, partitions, rafters, gates and similar items, containers and coffins), taking into consideration type of design, style of construction and aesthetic effect. They carry out their work in workshops and on buildings and assembly sites.


Their vocational on-the-job training (Apprenticeship) takes place in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The three countries share a similar professional education and training system. All apprentices go through a 3- to 4-year practical training in a private company. These training sessions are accompanied by more than 800 hours course work in job-related subjects in professional schools. Cabinetmakers get a broad insight into all fields of carpentry during the apprenticeship. Sometimes they will specialise in either furniture and kitchen building or construction carpentry afterwards. Many craftsmen with several years of working experience are perfectly able to perform all types of carpentry work.

All Cabinetmakers / Finish Carpenters / Joiners have the following skills:

  • make parts from wood and timber products by hand and by machine;
  • design and fabricate templates, jigs and fixtures;
  • work with veneers, synthetic materials, metal, glass and process materials;
  • set up, operate and service machinery, machine tools, plant and equipment;
  • set up, operate and service pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic equipment and apparatus;
  • finishing surfaces by preparing and applying mordents and colouring agents as well as different coating materials;
  • interpret and make sketches of drawings or plans to use on job and to co-ordinate work;

Our carpenters all have been trained to use their own ideas to design, construct and draw products on the base of considerations of design and function and, if required, to discuss job orders with clients. We are sure our people will satisfy your needs and offer the required skills you are looking for.

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