How to Attract the Next Generation in Construction by Sharing Your Company’s Story

How to Attract the Next Generation in Construction by Sharing Your Company’s Story

Journeyman connects with construction companies around the world daily and has placed hundreds of Millennials in construction companies over the past two years. From our experience, we have compiled a list of best practices to help you attract the top tradespeople in today’s competitive market. Below we explore Tip #1, “Tell your business’s story”, in more depth.  

What part of your business’ story makes it compelling? Comment below! 

What is your business’s story?  

Your business’s story is one of the most important assets you have. Write a short story about your company’s history and mission. Make sure it is easy to navigate, well written, and appeals visually to the reader. Include a section about what makes your company unique and sets you apart from others. Do you have an interesting story about how the company was founded? If so, include this! You never know what interesting tib-bit of information could entice a person to work for you.  

Presenting your business’s story in a Millennial-friendly way 

The up and coming generation wants to identify with the company that they work for. In a world where people’s attention is hard to attract, grabbing the potential recruit’s attention quickly will be key. This generation is known to skim through content at an extremely fast pace. Be sure to include lots of photos of both the team and projects you have completed – these will have the most impact on someone quickly skimming through content. The images should also give potential prospects some insight into the potential types of projects they will be working on. 

Other considerations 

Often, small touches such as using a consistent filter or applying the company logo to the bottom corner of each photo can create a more unified brand/story. If the photos are bad quality, consider whether they are worth posting or will make your company appear unprofessional. Are you planning a team event soon? Perfect! Take this opportunity to post photos that highlight your team spirit and the extra perks associated with working at your company.

Check out this stellar example 

Looking for a great example? Check out the “Culture” page on TopKnot Carpentry & Joinery’s website. They showcase their company culture with multiple photos from various team bonding events including a boxing match, Tough Mudder competition, and boating trips. The webpage also highlights their fully functioning office gym (built by their team) where the team can work out with a Personal Trainer. Bet you’re probably thinking, “Where do I sign up?” 🤔

Be sure to check the summary list below to ensure your story shines:
  • Write clear, concise content ✍🏼

  • Make it visually appealing to the reader 📰
  • Add neat facts about that company that set you apart from the rest 📈
  • Include high quality photos of projects and the team 📸
  • Build a gym for your employees 💪 (…just kidding, this one is optional) 
What is Journeyman all about?

Journeyman is a German based start-up with a mission to build a global online-platform for the trades. Starting out, we’re helping construction companies from around the world find highly skilled and qualified tradespeople from Germany, Austria and Switzerland through our global trade-exchange program. Furthermore, we love sharing our insights with the industry and helping construction companies develop better and more sustainable Human Resource strategies.

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