How to Attract the Millennial Workforce to the Construction Industry

How to Attract the Millennial Workforce to the Construction Industry

Journeyman connects with construction companies around the world daily and has placed hundreds of Millennials in construction companies over the past two years. From our experience, we have compiled a list of best practices to help you attract the best tradespeople in today’s competitive market. What are your tips and tricks to attract young, fresh talent? Comment below!

1. Tell your business’s story 

Your company’s story is what makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you approachable. Also, it helps a candidate to identify with your business. That’s why it’s important to promote your values and your business story online and on job postings. Include photos of past projects that show the potential employee what your company has worked on so that they can get a feel for the type of projects that you do. Include photos of the team and any company extracurricular activities to highlight company culture. And of course, make sure those photos are high quality and professional as Millennials are known to have a keen eye for photography in this digital age!

2. Have a great onboarding program

As we learned in “7 Tips to Develop and Retain the Millennial Workforce”, young people want clear instructions and a clear path towards building a meaningful career. This is especially crucial in the first days, when a new employee is navigating their place in the team. Have an interesting onboarding program and make sure the first days are well structured and planned.

3. Offer a scholarship program

Promote your company at technical colleges and offer a scholarship program for the best of the year. For example, you can offer to pay a part of the student fees. Not only will your company become more popular and well-known, it will also ensure that you get the best qualified and motivated students.

4. Create meaningful career paths

Young people will be attracted to work for you if they see growth options within your company. Millennials want to make it to the top and for them, learning is the key. You can implement this by offering internal training or further education at local colleges or online.

5. Talk confidently about compensation

Talking about compensation is never easy for you as an employer nor is it for the candidate. But this shouldn’t be the case. For young people, wage isn’t the only thing that is taken into account when considering a job offer. Interesting projects, a good working environment, and other perks such as bonus vacation days, free snacks, and wellness programs are often given just as much consideration by young people than their paycheque. Nevertheless, a fair compensation package with a clear progression path is a must-have!

6. Offer job shadowing to outline your benefits

Job shadowing is an effective tool to give young people insight into your company. It helps you to increase your recognition and popularity among young employees. It also shortens the recruiting process and is a way to see if the potential candidate fits well with the team. Furthermore, it’s easier to outline your benefits face-to-face than only posting them on job websites.

7. Have an exceptional employee benefit program

Even small benefits like a cell phone or tablet can be a huge plus for Millennials. Also, non-monetary things such as team outings or after work drinks can attract young people and help create a stronger team bond (and more enjoyable work culture). Other perks, such as a wellness program, as mentioned in Tip #6, can help entice an employee to onboard. Plus, it encourages them to maintain their health and incentivizes them to foster a healthy work-life balance. Millennials can be hard workers and you don’t want them to burn out!

What is Journeyman all about?

Journeyman is a German based start-up with a mission to build a global online-platform for the trades. Starting out, we’re helping construction companies from around the world find highly skilled and qualified tradespeople from Germany, Austria and Switzerland through our global trade-exchange program. Furthermore, we love sharing our insights with the industry and helping construction companies develop better and more sustainable Human Resource strategies.

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